12:00 pm12:00

Christmas Around the World

  • Science and Industry Musuem

Come and witness - Nrithyanjali students performance at Christmas Around the World.

Past Forward
5:00 pm17:00

Past Forward

  • Oswego East High School

Critically acclaimed new works by Leela Samson and the Spanda Dance Company

TICKETS:  VIP seating ($50), General Admission ($25), Student/Senior ($20). You can buy tickets at

PAST FORWARD - An inward journey of the soul, experienced through the body of the individual and the group collective. From the external to the internal – exploring one’s search for the light and the truth.

From macro experiences, we begin a journey inwards of the jivaatma. This search is every man’s constant endeavor and is personified in the ego of the ‘individual’ as much as it is in the ego of the ‘many’. In group and solo expression, the individual need for introspection, searching for the presence of something greater leading to better understanding oneself and the role in a group.

The journey leads to a celebration of music and movement, which causes the individual soul to unite with the Brahman. Music truly is the food of love. 


Spanda, a group founded in 1995 that presents works conceived and choreographed by Leela Samson, explores group dynamics in Bharatanatyam. Spanda, which means a vibration or pulse, is symbolic of the enduring and perpetual energy that is the life force of the universe.

Kala Utsav
5:00 pm17:00

Kala Utsav

  • Copernicus Centre

Nrithyanjali dancers perform at the Kala Utsav, a celebration of Indian Arts & Culture, organized by The Consulate General of Chicago


Indian Dance Festival
11:00 am11:00

Indian Dance Festival

  • SVS Temple (Balaji Temple)

Nrithyasamarpanam - 2015 Indian Dance Festival

Come and see Nrithyanjali's dancers perform at Nrithyasamarpanam, the 2015 Indian Dance Festival organized by the Balaji Temple, Aurora, IL.  For more information, please visit

Our performance will include three group presentations, and Nrithyanjali graduate Anagha Sundararajan will be presenting a 30 minute solo program.